Transcending cultures through haute couture-for economic growth and empowerment: Fashion collaboration in Sri Lanka’s batik industry

In pursuing unique and innovative trade promotion initiatives with the Philippines, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Manila facilitated a commercial venture between the Philippines-based Kaftan One and the Sri Lankan batik industry on producing curated fashion creations celebrating the country’s finest batiks inspired with contemporary designs.

The partnership stemmed from an introduction initiated by the Embassy which resulted in a design and fashion collaboration first by exchanging fabric and designs, produced into intricate kaftans showcasing the tropical vibes, rich colors, and exquisite aesthetics of Sri Lankan traditional batiks for the Philippine high-end market.

Notably, this initiative has also enabled the stakeholders to elevate their advocacies on empowerment by supporting Sri Lankan communities engaged in preserving the traditional batik making industry and providing sustainable livelihood opportunities for women.

Embassy of Sri Lanka
26 January 2022