Registration of Birth


Father or the mother of the child should be a citizen of Sri Lanka at the time of the birth of the child.


  1. Application forms can be obtained from this Mission or forms can be downloaded from
  2. Application for registration should be made to the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Manila within 3 months (under declaration 16) from the birth, or
  3. If an application is made after 3 months (under declaration 24) and within one year of the birth, the father of the child should submit declaration with reasons for the delay of submitting documents to the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Manila
  4. When an application (under declaration 24) is made after one year of the birth, the application will be forwarded to the Registrar General in Colombo, before the registration at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Manila. Applicants are liable to pay a surcharge of Php 205.00/year in addition to the normal fee of Php 2,050.00- under the Citizenship Act
  5. Fees:  Registration of birth under declaration 16 or 24 – Php 1,300.00
  6. Fees:  Registration of birth under the Citizenship Act – Php 2,050.00
  7. Issuance of certified copy of the birth certificate – Php 680.00
  8. The following original documents should be forwarded with two sets of copies


  1. Application for registration of birth (Forms are available at the Embassy)
  2. Application for registration of Citizenship (Forms are available at the Embassy)
  3. Live birth Certificate issued by the Philippines Authorities
  4. Declaration of the citizenship of the Applicant (Forms are available at the Embassy)
  5. Original birth certificates of the parents (translations are not accepted)
  6. Original Marriage certificates of the parents
  7. Passport of parents with copies of the bio page and visa pages at the time of child was born
  8. Application fee – Free of Charge