‘The Monk and the Peasant’ launched in Manila

The Monk

Coffee table book offers a nostalgic journey of Sri Lankan traditions and culture

In an effort to present the concept of traditional villages – one that is fast disappearing – Prof. J.B. Disanayaka and Manila-based Sri Lankan photographer Tilak Hettige give a nostalgic glimpse of that time when culture, religion and tradition was the focus of everyday life in their book entitled “The Monk and the Peasant.”

In recognition of the work, the Embassy of Sri Lanka held a launch for the coffee table book at the Sri Lankan Ambassador’s residence last November.

Ambassador Aruni Ranaja paid tribute to the authors and said that the book is a journey of discovery of the rich cultural and social milieu in a simple narrative with captivating visuals.

“Professor J.B. Dissanayake’s skillful narrative coupled with Mr. Tilak Hettige’s brilliant photography has resulted in a quintessential reflection of Sri Lanka’s cultural, religious and social milieu in this first ever publication to be co-authored by the eminent Sri Lankans. It is an important documentation of the relationship between the Sinhala Village and the temple, and a poignant [capturing] of our traditions and relationships which existed and that which is still witnessed in society in varying degrees,” Ambassador Ranaja said.

“The Monk and the Peasant” pays homage to Sinhalese culture and tradition that somehow is parallel to other customs around the world, including the Philippines.

Hettige, who has been living in the Philippines for almost two decades, said that the book can bring Filipino and Sri Lankan communities together because of the similar customs of both countries.

“Just like the Philippines, religion also played an important role in Singhalese villagers’ lives. In these traditional Singhalese villages, the people and the monks pretty much survive side by side,” Hettige added.

For more information and to purchase the book, email Mr. Tilak Hettige at t.hettige@gmail.com or call (0998) 557-0188.


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