“Facets of Sri Lanka”- Sustainability and Empowerment in the Context of Wildlife Tourism and the Precious Stones/Jewelry Industry of Sri Lanka

The Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the Philippines, Mrs. Shobini Gunasekera, was invited once again as a guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Consular Corps of the Philippines, held virtually on 26 November 2020.

In her interactive presentation, Ambassador Gunasekera launched “Facets of Sri Lanka”, a new initiative of the Embassy in promoting Sri Lanka’s culture, way of life, and other unique aspects with the goal of strengthening bonds of friendship with the Philippines. The said program is one of the slated activities of the Embassy in line with the celebration of sixty years of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 2021.

For its introductory session, the program focused on sustainability and empowerment in the context of Sri Lanka’s wildlife tourism and precious stones/gems industry.

In her speech, Ambassador Gunasekera discussed on how Sri Lanka practices the concepts in its wildlife tourism activities. She gave focus on how the industry adapts to the constraints of the pandemic and how it prepares for tourists in the post-pandemic scenario. On the second topic, she elaborated on the concept of ethical mining and women empowerment towards society development in the precious stones industry of Sri Lanka.

Subsequently, Ambassador Gunasekera introduced Mrs. Thiyasha de Fonseka of Tiesh Jewelries, a lady-entrepreneur who discussed their company’s sustainable and ethical mining practices. She also presented about their products in introducing the jewelry industry to the esteemed consuls. This initiative was undertaken to introduce Sri Lankan precious stones and jewelry industry to Filipinos with the prospective holding of a single country promotion in the Philippines hopefully in 2021.

The Consular Corps of the Philippines is the professional association of the community of career consular officers and honorary consuls in the Philippines. Apart from representing their accredited countries, the members of the Corps particularly the honorary consuls, are dynamic industry leaders in the trade and investments sector in the Philippines.

Embassy of Sri Lanka
27 November 2020