CPSC Facilitates Study Tour, Benchmarking of University Senior Officials from Sri Lanka


The CPSC faculty and staff led by the Acting Director General, Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel, warmly received 14 senior officials from the Institute of Technology University of Moratuwa (ITUM) and Ministry of Higher Education and Highways, Sri Lanka.

The delegation was in the Philippines from June 6 to 8, 2016 for the international training and study tour initiated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Highways through the International Construction Consortium (Pvt) Ltd (ICC). The ministry aspires to familiarize senior staff members of the university in terms of academic programs, infrastructure and curriculum management in other countries such as the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.

The delegation was led by the Vice Chancellor of University of Moratuwa, Prof. Wijenayaka Jayawardene. Four high officials from the ministry, two Directors with four department heads and one Senior Lecturer of ITUM, and two Officers of ICC formed part of the delegation.

The program was designed to provide opportunity for the participants to observe and learn how technological universities in the Philippines handle their operations, academic programs, infrastructure systems and enable them to understand higher education system in the country particularly at the policy-making level. A detailed report of the observations and findings from the study tour was produced after the study tour. The report included recommendations and strategies to improve and develop the operations, infrastructure and academic programs of ITUM.

The program included a presentation of CPSC’s activities and programs, as well as institutional visits to the Asian Development Bank, Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). A brief visit to Manila’s tourist sites and notable landmarks were also included in the itinerary.

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