Ceremonial Commencement of Work for the Year 2020 by the Staff of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Manila


The ceremonial commencement of work for the year 2020 was held at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Manila on the first working day of the year. Following the given agenda, the oath/ affirmation of the public service was read by the Staff.

In her message to the staff, H. E. Shobini Gunasekera, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the Philippines, explained the importance of the Embassy’s work in Sri Lanka’s national policy framework, Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour. She motivated the staff to ponder on the goals of the policy as each of their individual work ultimately contributes to its success.

Further, Ambassador Gunesekera shared her positive outlook for the new year. She expounded that 2020 brings opportunities and hope for fulfillment, peace and purpose. She encouraged the members of the staff to continuously strive to improve themselves not just for their professional work but as individuals with goals and aspirations.

The celebration was concluded with a sumptuous lunch of Sri Lankan and Filipino delicacies.