Austria – Sri Lanka agree to enhance economic cooperation

01-17-1140x940President of Austria Mr. Heinz Fischer and President Maithripala Sirisena agreed to increase the cooperation in the economic development between the two countries as friendly nations.

The two leaders came into this agreement when they held an official disvussions today (Feb. 19) at the President’s Office of Austria.

President Sirisena who arrived in the President’s Office of Austria was welcomed by President Fischer.  A Guard of Honour was also held to welcome President Sirisena, who is on a 2-day state visit to Austria. After the Guard of Honour, two national anthems were played.

Subsequently, the two leaders started bilateral discussions. The discussion was focused on expanding of the friendly relations of the two countries.

“The new government of Sri Lanka is now carrying out the program to build the coexistence and reconciliation in the country by fulfilling the responsibilities of a post-war period, after ending the 26 years long terrorism in Sri Lanka”, said President Sirisena. He added that Sri Lanka is expecting the assistance of every friendly country to re-build the fallen economy of Sri Lanka due to terrorist activities.

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